Fixed Deposits

About Plans

The Primary objective of our institution is to cultivate the habit of savings among our members. Our first and foremost aim is to satisfy our members and create mutuality among them. The IJF India Nidhi Limited is fully financial services company. We accept deposits from our shareholders within the stipulated norms issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and Reserve Bank of India (RBI).
Nomination facility is available for deposits. There can be only one Nominee for a deposit account whether held singly or jointly. Applicants can make a nomination by filling up the prescribed form. The nomination details can be changed during the subsistence of the account relationship by filling up the prescribed form

Interest Rates On Domestics Deposits

SR.NO. Period Interest Rates Fixed Deposits ( % P.A) Interest Rate F.D ( % P.A) For Senior Citizens
1 1-2 years 7% .5%
2 3-4 years 8.5% .5%
3 5 years 9.5 .5%

Terms and Conditions

The fixed deposit schemes shall be accepted for a minimum period of 6 months and a maximum period of 60 months. Payment mode will be either in cash or cheque (payment up to Rs. 50,000/- to be accepted in cash) Withdrawal before Maturity The Company shall not return/pay back any deposit within a period of three months from the date of its acceptance. On pre-maturity request by the depositor, after three months of the deposit, the depositor shall not be entitled to any interest up to the period of six months from the date of deposit. The interest payable for the remaining period after six months shall be payable by the ordinarily agreed/applicable rate of interest (i.e. rate of interest payable; which the Company would have ordinarily paid, had the deposit been accepted for the period from which such deposit had run) reduced by two percent.In case of Pre-mature Payment of deposit, rupee value of the Gift, if any given to the depositor, shall be recovered along with interest@ 18 % Per annum (Monthly Compounded). TDS Deducted on interest as per provisions and Income Tax Act. Interest will be compounded on a quarterly basis. Irregular deposits are not entitled to pre-mature payment and loan facility against it. At the time of maturity, the specimen signature of the member shall be tallied. The company will repay the principal amount and interest to a nominee, in case of death of the depositor, at which it was accepted for the Fixed Deposit plan in Delhi India.

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